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Our cooler systems give you the opportunity to carry out cooking and cooling processes in only one system. Thanks to a heat transfer optimized double jacket, batch cooling processes can be realized in almost all processes used by FrymaKoruma, Stephan or Terlet. Thus, in a continuous process, the Terlet Terlotherm is the ProXES solution to achieve the targeted capacities of the customer's requirement. All process solutions work with agitators that are gentle on the product in order to maintain the desired structures and ingredients as far as possible.

  • Terlothermcontinuous fast heat exchanger
    • Capacities up to 10.000 kg/hour
    • Functions:
      • pasteurization
      • cooling
      • heating
      • crystallization
      • cooking
      • heating
    • Main applications:
      • soups & sauces
      • dairy
      • fruit & vegetables
      • confectionary & pastry
      • potato mash
      • creams & lotions

Your contact person for Food-Applications:

Stephan Lyke
+49 173 744 30 89

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Your contact person for HPC, Pharma and Chemical applications:

Thomas Schöck
+49 1607 2743 50

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