• Cutters


Size reduction is an everyday process in the food industry as well as in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Our portfolio offers five different technologies for cutting, which individually or in combination cover a wide range of particle sizes - from several centimeters of initial size to target sizes of a few micrometers, in special cases even nanometers.

  • Microcut perfect for fine cutting and emulsifying
    • Capacities up to 4,500 l/hours (stand alone setup)*
    • Capacities up to 15,000 l/hours (inline setup)*
    • Functions:
      • cutting
      • dispersing
      • emulsifying
      • homogenizing
    • Main applications:
      • rework
      • meat emulsions
      • vegetable grinding

    *Application: low viscous products
    ** Exemplary illustration

  • Universal Machine perfect for small & medium batches
    • Capacities up to 1000 l/hour*
    • From lab to industrial scale
    • Functions:
      • direct/indirect heating up to 125 °C
      • Vacuum processing
      • Mixing, cutting and emulsifying
      • indirect cooling via double jacket
    • Main applications:
      • dairy (processed cheese)
      • convenience food (purées, saucen)
      • confectionary (ganache)

    *Application: low viscous products

    **Exemplary illustration

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