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Chocolate melting on demand

The Inline Melter was developed for continuous melting of chocolate drops in different sizes and with different recipes.

Compared to conventional melting with heated vessels, the MI offers fast and energy-efficient melting on demand with complete decrystallization.

The product to be processed is fed into the processing chamber through a hopper with a feed screw. Inside, a specially designed tool converts the product into liquid purely by shear forces. The melted product then flows out of the system via a chute.

For optimum control of the melt intensity various parameters can be set before or during production.


  • Highly flexible use

    Flexible use on demand without planning suitable for variety of different recipes.

  • Energy efficient

    Fast melting with wide range of available sizes to perfectly match customer's capacity needs.

  • Time saving solution

    Quick operation ready with high throughputs up to 1500 kg/h.

  • Minimum product loss

    Compact producessing area with small contacting surface. Easy to dissasemble and clean.

  • Full decrystallization

    Melting with full decrystallization of its existing structure ideal for making of molded chocolate confectionary.

Co-creation chocolate melting


Melting solutions on the market have not changed over the past decades, although customer needs have. By making continuous melting possible, we expand the possibilities for our customers.
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