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High-speed in-line powder induction and dispersion

Whether you are processing sauces, dressings, fillings, gels, creams or premixes: The new POW-DIL makes your production faster and more efficient. It reliably disperses thickeners, stabilizers, polymers and various other powders in liquid. It is suitable both for dispersing solids in water and for dispersing solids in oil. Thanks to the direct dispersion method, powders are immediatly wetted and activated. This saves production time and, depending on the powder properties, even leads to a reduction of the required powder quantities.

One technology for many industries

Whether in the food sector for sauces, sweet spreads or bakery fillings, whether for fillers and thickeners for tablet coatings in the pharmaceutical industry or for gum formulations in the production of toothpaste or hair gels: POW-DIL is a real all-rounder and impresses with its above-average dispersion quality without any agglomerates in the products.

Working Principle

The innovative concept of the technology is based on a rotor/stator system with high suction power. The negative pressure in the feeding line draws the base liquid and powder into the mixing chamber, where wetting of the powder and immediate dispersion take place. The mixture is then discharged or recirculated to achieve higher concentrations. 


Application Video Vegan Recipes


Dispersing of powders has accompanies our systems since early beginnings. With introduction of POW-DIL we are strenghtenning our possibilities with aim to offer our customers from one hand the most suitable solution.
ProXES, Development Team

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