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Universal machine for bakeries and confectioneries

The application requirements in the confectionery sector are becoming ever higher – with often little personnel know-how. We at ProXES have the solution: our ProXES Universal for Bakery & Pastry machine produces basic, trendy and vegan products quickly and cost-effectively – and at a consistently high level of craftsmanship. 

The solution for bakeries, confectioneries and pastry bakers

Whether it's cream, whipped egg whites, or meringue, sponge cake, buttercream, or marble cake: The ProXES Universal for bakery and pastry machine offers the optimal solution for the world of confectionery. It is capable of producing a gigantic product portfolio of traditional and trendy products – and delivers uncompromising and, above all, reproducible production results in different batch sizes. All tasks – cutting, mixing, whipping, emulsifying, heating and cooling – are possible in a single compact machine. With the aid of a special processing tool and vacuum support, our bakery and confectionery machine can also produce professional ganache of the finest quality.

Application Video Baiser

Application Video cream and egg white whipping


Our all-in-one solution for bakers and confectioners simplifies production processes, offers higher production speed with first-class product quality and the best reproduction factor. The possibility to produce a very wide range of products from classic confectionery products to trendy vegan snacks on one machine is currently unique.
ProXES, Development Team

The advantages of the ProXES Stephan UM Bakery & Pastry


    Many tasks with one machine: cutting, mixing, whipping, emulsifying, heating and cooling, all in one compact universal machine.


    The bakery and confectionary machine impresses with the shortest production times with maximum throughput – for different batch sizes.

    Egg whites and whipped cream can be produced 50% faster than with competitor technology. The additional cooling function ensures a longer shelf life. In addition, the cost of marzipan production is 50% lower compared to purchased products. 


    An intuitive operating concept, extremely simple loading and toll change in seconds make the machine particularly user-friendly and do not require any specific know-how on the part of the machine operator. In addition, the reproduction factor in terms of product quality is significantly higher.


    A specially inclined bowl geometry (ProXES – Stephan principle) and individual processing tools that are precisely matched to the respective application result in products of the finest quality.


    The simple tool change and the individual processing tools enable flexible production of a wide variety of products, such as cream, beaten egg whites, meringue, sponge cake, vanilla cream, marble cake, or even professional ganache. Salsa, fillings, hummus, spreads and stews can also be produced with the machine in the highest quality. 


    The sophisticated design with robust and hygienic housing and a high IP protection class ensures fast and effective cleaning and maintenance and thus significantly lower energy consumption. The efficient cleaning with water also reliably prevents the formation of germs.

ProXES Stephan UMSK for Bakery & Pastry

  • Hygenic Design
  • Computer control
  • Special tempering functions up to 125C
  • Direct steam injection
  • Double jacket
  • Vacuum Cooling
  • Frequency Converter
  • Impact tool (patent application)
  • Shell and tube condenser
  • Electric steam generator
  • Dosing Funnel
  • Data recording

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